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Car Wash in Knightsbridge, London

For many people, their car is their pride and joy, and keeping it clean is the only way to preserve its beauty. At Belgravia Auto Valet, in Knightsbridge, London, we offer an extensive range of car and vehicle valeting options, ranging from a small, exterior wash to a comprehensive, full-car cleanse.

A Choice of Valeting Packages

To cater for the varied needs of our clients, we have created five valeting packages, each of which offers a different level of cover. They are:

Mini Valet ( From £75 ) 

• Exterior Washing Using High-Quality Shampoo with Built-In Traffic Film Remover
• Power Rinsing
• Wheel Cleaning
• Bodywork Dried By Hand Using Chamois Leather
• Interior Dusting
• Rubbish Removal
• Foot Well and Upholstery Vacuuming
• Window Cleaning

Man standing back of van

Part Valet ( From £100 ) 

• All of the Mini Valet Features
• A Traffic Film and Brake Dust Remover Applied to the Wheels
• Exterior Washing
• Wax and Power Rinse - Including Under the Sills
• Wheel Arch Power Washing
• Cleaning for Door Shuts
• Exterior Moulding Cleaning and Polishing
• Internal and External Window Cleaning and Dressing
• Tyre Dressing

Full Valet ( From £250 ) 

• All of the Mini and Part Valet Features
• Exterior Paintwork Hand Polishing
• Door and Boot Shut Cleaning and Dressing
                      • Upholstery, Carpet, and Head Liner Shampooing                                             • Interior Vinyl Surface Cleaning and Dressing                             • Tar Deposit Removal
• Interior Deodorising
• Engine Steam Cleaning (opt) 

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Cleaning Inside or Out

Whether the inside of your vehicle has become dusty, or the exterior has attracted dirt, we have the valet for you. We offer valets for both the interior and exterior of your car:

Interior Valet ( From £75 ) 

• Vacuuming
• Rubbish Removal
• Vinyl Surface, Upholstery, and Carpet Cleaning and Dressing
• Head Liner Cleaning Using a Shampoo with a Built-In Stain Remover
• Interior Glass Cleaning and Dressing
• Interior Deodorising

Exterior Valet ( From £75 ) 

• Exterior Washed,Waxed and Power Rinsed
• Application of Traffic Film Remover to Wheels
• Tyre Dressing
• Power Washing Under Wheel Arches
• Bodywork Dried Using Chamois Leather
• Tar Deposit Removal
• Paintwork Polishing
• Moulding Cleaning and Dressing
• Exterior Window Cleaning and Shining



SWISSVAX Crystal Rock Carnauba Glaze

With 76% by wax volume of pure Brazilian ivory carnauba wax, our wax has one of the highest Carnauba content of any wax on the market. In effect, it coats a car's paintwork in a smooth and glossy, yet tough and protective, water-repellent film - and even brings a shine to white and silver. This can last up to 6 to 12 months and can be "topped up" with additional layers for even more protection. When exposed to water, the wax swells and closes its pores. This leads to the beading and sheeting of water that is characteristic of a car that has been treated with this high content Carnauba wax. The more layers are applied, the more waterproof it is. Paintwork is prepared with a specially formulated fluid prior to the wax application.

Price on Application / dependent on paintwork condition / subject to prior exterior valet.


Hard-as-glass but flexible long term protection with exceptional resistance to UV light and chemicals, but also to aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar, and street and industrial pollution. The surface gets super hydrophobic, acts dirt repellent and obtains less maintenance effort due to “Easy-to-Clean” effect. Gives an incredible deep shine with impressive colour intensity. If properly maintained, SONAX CC36 can protect for up to 36 months if you do an annual service.

Price on Application / vehicle requires full machine polish and preparation prior to coating (approximately 1 day's labour, dependent on paintwork condition.

Cleansing Your Engine

Our engine cleaning uses a powerful, non-corrosive application designed for engines, components, and wheels. Through a combined detergent and degreaser it dissolves oil, grease, grime, and traffic film from all surfaces. Harmless if it comes in contact with plastics, rubber, paintwork, and metal, the solvent-free, water-based, and biodegradable agent cleans the engine bay quickly and safely. After using the cleaner we steam clean and dress the engine for the ultimate shine.

Price on Application / dependent on engine condition.

Alloy refurbishment on site

Price: £125 per corner, dependent on wheel condition

Same day body repairs

Price on application / dependent on type of bodywork damage

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